$1 Coin Collection, by Julian Gray

Since 1984, when the dollar coin was produced to replace the old paper note, the Royal Australian Mint has produced twelve different designs on its reverse side. Produced to remember significant anniversaries, including the Year of the Outback and the Centenary of Federation, the designs include logos, people ad symbols which represent each occasion.

In this booklet and folder, readers are given insight into the process of choosing which occasions should be commemorated with the coins, and how that commemoration should be depicted, as well as explaining the significance of each design. There is also a brief explanation of the mint process and a page for readers to design their own $1 coin.

The booklet is enclosed in a sturdy cardboard folder which has plastic slots where readers can collect the twelve coins minted to date.

This will appeal to young coin collectors, or would-be coin-collectors and, at $7,95, would be a good gift idea.

$1 Coin Collection: Collect 12 Coins, by Julian Gray
Scholastic, 2005

50 Cent Coin Collection, by David Harris

Coin collecting has long been a popular hobby, both with adults and children. And there is no Australian coin that attracts more attention than the 50 cent piece. The dodecagonal (twelve-sided) shape of this coin ensured its novelty value from first production and its use as a bearer of commemorative images esnures its ongoing popularity.

Scholastic’s 50 Cent Coin Collection enables young enthusiasts to work towards a collection of the entire range of 50 cent coins issued since the first twelve-sided piece was minted in 1969.

An informative booklet by David Harris traces the history of Australian currency from the arrival of European colonists in 1788 until decimal currency was introduced in 1966, and explains the production of the specially shaped 50 cent piece in 1969 to replace the previous round coin. It then goes on to describe each of the 24 different 50 cent pieces which have been released since then, explaining the events they commemorate. The accompanying folder has a place for each of these coins, to enable collectors to display their collection.

This would make a wonderful gift item for children aged 8 right up to 14 and would be a good introduction to coin collecting.

50 Cent Coin Collection, by David Harris
Scholastic Australia, 2004