Adventures in the Grove, by Norm Gillam

There is nothing the residents of Willow Grove like more than eating carrots. But when all the carrots mysteriously disappear from the local farmer’s fields, there is widespread dismay. Who stole the carrots – and where are they now? Punky and Barebutt are determined to solve the mystery and claim the reward.

Who Stole the Carrots? is the first of three tales in Adventures in the Grove, a new collection by children’s author Norm Gillam. Rabbits, bears, raccoons and more share adventures and morals in the community of Willow Grove.

The stories themselves are most likely to appeal to 6 to 8 year olds, although the vocabulary and syntax would suggest an older audience – much of the humour will evade the beginning reader. Parents and teachers may also want to be aware of some shortcomings in editing – changes in tense, for example, can be distracting in places.

Despite these minor problems, the stories are cute and have a nostalgic feel to them.

Adventures in the Grove, by Norm Gillam
Writers Club Press, an imprint of iUniverse, 2002