Bethlehem’s Warrior Baby, by Ray Hawkins

Reviewed by Dale Harcombe

This book of 31 devotions is a little gem. It would be ideal advent project in the lead up to Christmas. Each devotion has a short bible passage or two, a meditation on the text, a prayer and a gift (read – suggestion of how it could be applied.)

There are some great ideas and images in this short book. In the  one titled someone is coming I liked the comparison  of  the coming of the Promised One coming at Christmas to a jigsaw needing all the interlocking pieces and also the idea of Christmas being God’s ‘invasion strategy’ to take back what was lost by fall in Genesis 3.

Just as interesting was the concept that ‘God can be unsettling.’ In other words God doesn’t always behave as we night ask or expect. He has His own plans and they are far better and more long- reaching than ours. It was good to have a fresh take on Abraham’s call and ‘tenacious faith’ despite his ‘high profile mistakes’.

I liked the way Ray Hawkins separated the sentimental traditions regarding Christmas, which sees nativity sets with the magi at the manger, from the few biblical facts about these mystery men.

It would be a great book to read as a family in the lead up to Christmas and could bring up lots of interesting questions or just as an individual devotional. Well worth reading at any time.


Bethlehem’s Warrior Baby

Ray Hawkins

Even before Publishing