Resplendent Perceptions, by Renee Buckingham

The beauty of Heron Island – one of the many islands dotted along Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef – have been captured in this new offering from Melbourne-based photgrapher Renee Buckingham.

Titled Resplendent Perceptions, this is a small format, full-colour offering from a talented photographer. The photos recreate different aspects of the beautiful island, with shots taken at different times of day and using a range of different photographic techniques, including the use of coloured gels which provide alternate perspectives on scenes which have been photographed multiple times.

This would make a great souvenir for those who have visited the island and also a nice gift for overseas or interstate friends who have not had the opportunity to visit the reef.

Purchasing details are avaialable on the photographer’s website Rab Photgraphics.

Resplendent Perceptions – Heron Island, by Renee Buckingham
Rab Photographics, 2004