Wolfchild, by Roseanne Hawk

Morwenna is not frightened of the wolf she sees in the woods across the stream. But she is not so certain of the Wolfchild who hides in the high places. The child, Raw, is a vagrant who must stay hidden for a year and a day to get his freedom.

Set in the year 1099 in the lost land of Lyonesse, this is the tale of Raw’s struggle to accept himself and his past, and of Morwenna, who helps him in secret, knowing the villagers will not accept him. When calamity strikes, Morwenna has to choose betwwen their new-found friendship and the ancient rules.

Inspired by the Cornish legend of Lyonesse, Wolfchild is vividly portrayed and a delight to read.

Wolfchild, by Roseanne Hawke
Lothian, 2003