Clever Sandwiches, by Rowena Cory Lindquist

Mouse isn’t enjoying year eight camp too much – mainly because Derek, the class bully is seeing to it that he doesn’t. His friend Lumpy has problems too – he’s convince that the camp managers are feeding them sandwiches designed to make them more clever.

Mouse has his doubts about what Lumpy’s saying, but he does find himself acting differently – and Lumpy certainly does seem more clever. Together with their friends Wanda and Angie, the pair set out to solve the mystery of what they’re being fed. Along the way, they inadvertently solve some of their other problems too.

Clever Sandwiches, a Quick Reads title from Wordweavers Press, is a humorous tale of underdogs finding hidden talents. As with all titles in the series, the story is easy to read and designed to appeal to reluctant readers, especially primary aged boys.

A fun read.

Clever Sandwiches, by Rowena Cory Lindquist
Word Weavers Press, 2002