The Crocodolly, by Martin McKenna

Adelaide wasn’t allowed to have pets. Not anymore.
Esepcially not one like Ozzy.
So Adelaide came up with a cunning plan.
She would disguise Ozzy
as her very own

Adelaide is a very inventive young lady, so when she finds a baby crocodile in her carton of eggs, she decides that she can keep him, if she disguises him as a doll. It isn’t a problem while Ozzy is small, but Ozzy keeps groing and growing, and soon he is causing havoc all over town. When she can’t keep him any longer, Adelaide finds a place where his havoc could come in useful crushing junk at a recycling plant.

The Crocodolly is a funny picture book featuring a clever, caring main character, an unlikely pet and plenty of silliness, for a satisying combination which will please young readers. Olly is pretty endearing – for a crocodile – and the illustrations have lots of detail and comic elements including speech bubbles.

A laugh out loud, feel-good book.

The Crocodolly, by Martin McKenna
Omnibus Books, 2015
ISBN 9781742990712