A Year on Our Farm, by Penny Matthews

On any Australian farm, there are jobs to do, animals to care for, crops to grow and people who live there. In A Year on Our Farm, one of the children who lives on a farm shares his year with the reader. Having introduced the residents – both human and animal – he details the monthly activities and happenings. Each month is shown in a double page spread, with the relevant season named and the key events presented both in the story and the illustrations.

As fiction, A Year on Our Farm can be read as a simple story. At the same time, the nonfiction elemnts introduce months, seasons and farming to young readers, making it an excellent classroom sharing book.

The illustrations of Andrew McLean are delightful and a perfect complement to author Penny Matthews’ text.

A delight.

A Year on Our Farm, by Penny Matthews, illustrated by Andrew McLean
Omnibus, 2002