When I Was Little, Like You, by Mary Malbunka

There are books whose sole purpose is to entertain and books whose purpose is to educate, but it is a rare treasure when a book is able to succesfully entertain AND educate at the same time. When I was Littleis one of these treasures.

Author/illustrator Mary Malbunka shares the story of her childhood, growing up in the Papunya settlement in central Australia. While young readers will be entertained by Malbunka’s tales of playing, exploring, hunting and daily life, they will also be educated about traditional aboriginal culture and lfiestyle, and some of the ways that lifestyle has been affected by the white man’s world.

Malbunka’s text is conversational in tone, creating an intimate connection between the author and reader, whilst the illustrations are an engaging combination of traditional and contemporary styles. Malbunka’s Luritja language is used frequently throughout the book, witha useful glossary and notes on language included at the end.

A valuable text for school and family sharing.

When I Was Little, Like You, by Mary Malbunka
Allen & Unwin, 2003