Famous Australian Birds, by Gisela Kaplan

Did you know …
That most sulphur-crested cockatoos are left-footed?
Magpies can mimic other birds, as well as humans, dogs and horses?
Emus use their toes as weapons?

In Famous Australian Birds and Animals, author Gisela Kaplan, a recognised authority on Australian birds, shares these and many more interesting facts about Australia’s birds.

Kaplan runs a bird rescue centre at her home in Armidale, NSW. Many of the anecdotes and photographs come from her personal experience raising injured baby birds and rehabiliting them.

Filled with facts, interesting stories and outstanding photography, this is a volume sure to delight young bird enthusiasts. It would also make an excellent class or library resource.

Famous Australian Birds, by Gisela Kaplan
Allen & Unwin, 2003