The Verge Practice, by Barry Maitland

When the young wife of renowned architect, Charles Verge, is found murdered, suspicion falls on her husband. Verge has disappeared, having seemingly staged a fake suicide.

For four months, police have searched for Verge fruitlessly, with the mystery the subject of intense public interest. Now, Chief D.I. Brock and his team have been handed the case, their brief to find fresh leads and put an end to the investigation. They must establish if this was, indeed, a crime of passion, with Verge now living in Spain or elsewhere, or if Verge is dead, a victim of the same murderer that killed his wife.

Once again Brock is aided by Detective Sargeant Kathy Kolla, determined to make her own contribution to the case despite the distractions offered by a committee posting and a complicated private life.

Together with other members of the team, the pair are intent on solving the mystery once and for all.

This is the seventh title in Barry Maitland’s highly acclaimed Brock and Kolla series. Previous titles have been nominated for awards including the Ned Kelly Award and the John Creasey award.

The Verge Practice is an intriguing read.

The Verge Practice, by Barry Maitland
Allen & Unwin, 2003