Shaedow Master, by Justin D'Ath

Quickwater Lake, at the centre of the Kingdom of Folavia, is deadly. Ora is the only person to have survived its pull, and that when she was an infant. Now, as she nears her fifteenth birthday, Ora finds herself drawn to the lake, sensing it calling her.

When her uncle, the king, takes Ora to see the Cloudtouchers – trees which soar to meet the clouds – she is overwhelmed by their beauty and stature. But soon she learns that the trees are in danger and, with them, the future of the whole kingdom.

Ora must overcome her self-doubt and the shock of discovering her true identity if she is to make full use of her emerging powers and ensure the future of Folavia.

Shaedow Master is an absorbing new fantasy title from Justin D’Ath, an author who shows his flexibility and depth of talent in tackling a new genre and age group. Great reading.

Shaedow Master, by Justin D’Ath
Allen & Unwin, 2003