The Spirit of Barrumbi, by Leonie Norrington

Camping at Barrumbi, Dale has a disturbing dream about his big brother, Sean. When he wakes, he sees Sean creeping away from the campsite, and wonders whether he should tell him about the dream. When the time comes to leave Barrumbi, Sean cannot be found.

Back at the community, Dale’s family face a long wait for news of Sean’s fate. In the meantime, the whole community suffers the devastating effects of Sean’s actions. The wet hits with a vengeance, flooding the settlement and the water spirit tries to drown first Dale, then his sister, Meg. Will the family be intact at the end of the wet?

The Spirit of Barumbi, a sequel to Barrumbi Kids, picks up the story where the earlier book left off. This book, however, may appeal to a slightly older audience than the first. It is full of adventure, suspense and an explortaion of the difficulties of trying to live in two cultures – those of the traditional Aborigine and the contemporary world.

Norrington’s prose is brilliant, drawing the reader into the emotional turmoil, whilst providing relief in lighter moments.


The Spirit of Barumbi, by Leonie Norrington
Omnibus, an imprint of Scholastic, 2003