My Sister's Series, by Gretel Killeen

Since 1997 kids have been enjoying the My Sister’s series by the well-known Gretel Killeen. My Sister’s a Yoyo was folloed by My Sister’s an Alien and My Sister’s a Sea Slug, with three more titles following close behind.

Now Random House has released the first three titles a bind-up edition – that is, all three books bound into one volume.

In the ongoing story which crosses the three books, Eppie is squished to the size of strawberry, is used as a yo-yo by her brother Zeke, flies around the world, is kidnapped by an alien and eventually rescued by Zeke. Then the pair are sucked down the bathroom plughole where they find themselves in a brand new underwater adventure. Of course, this is all very far-fetched, but with a storyteller like Killeen, that’s the whole point.

Kids love the silliness of Eppie and Zeke’s adventures and young readers will soon be clamouring for the other three My Sister’s stories.

Fun reading.

My Sister’s Series, by Gretel Killeen
Random House, 2002