The Society Murders, by Hilary Bonney

When wealthy Melbourne socialite Margaret Wales-King and her husband Paul King went missing in April 2002, the media – and the whole of Australia – were intrigued. Here was a story whcih provided a glimpse into the workings of a welathy family, with all the makings of a Dallas-style soap opera. The finding of the couple’s bodies in a bush grave twenty-five days later added to the drama.

The couple had been murdered, and the only motive apparent to most onlookers was money. Suspicion fell on the couple’s family and, very quickly, on their youngest son.

When Mrs Wales-King’s son Matthew was arrested for their murder and his wife was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice, the full facts of the case began to emerge. Matthew Wales was adamant that he had killed his mother and step-father not for their money but for their attitudes and actions towards him. He felt disempowered and felt killing the couple would free him.

The Society Murders presents the story of the murders and their aftermath in well-researched detail exploring the family history, the investigation and arrests, and the pschology of the killer and impact on his extended family.

Author Hilary Bonney is a Melbourne-based barrister with extensive experience in the criminal jurisdiction and a forensic medicine consultant.

An intriguing story.

The Society Murders, by Hilary Bonney
Allen & Unwin, 2003