Peaches of Panic, by Paul Shaw

The illustrious superhero Captain Cat and his young assistant, the Umbrella Kid, have barely had time to recover from their first three adventures when one of their former adversaries, Doctor Daffodil, makes a bold escape from prison. It seems he has had some help from another villain – Percy Peregrine Peecham, also known as The Peach.

The Peach uses Doctor Daffodil’s special skills with plants to plot a bold robbery. He wants to steal a huge peach topaz and, with the help of a range of crooks and villains, he looks set to outwit Captain Cat and capture the giant gem.

Only by using every trick at his disposal will Captain Cat save the day.

This is the fourth in the Captain Cat series. As with previous titles, this one is filled withc orny one-liners, comic-book action and cartoon-style illustrations.

This is not high literature – it is just great fun. Kids will love it.

Captain Cat and the Umbrella Kid: Peaches of Panic, by Paul Shaw, illustrated by Peter Sheehan
Scholastic Press, 2004