The Girl's Guide to Work and Life, by Donna Lee Brien and Tess Brady

Are you struggling to balance the competing demands of your life and your ambitions? Do you have dreams and plans that you are struggling to achieve? The Girl’s Guide to Work & Life aims to help women of all ages to mobilise and find the satisfying career and financial stability they want without having to sacrifice their whole lives to work.

In practical steps and with the support of realistic case-studies, the authors show how to take stock of personal assets, how to set realistic goals and how to then set about achieving them. They identify possible setbacks and reasons for perceived failure and include a repair kit for getting a life-career back on track.

This book is both motivational and educational, with sensible advice, wisdom and, importantly, humour.

Upbeat reading.

The Girl’s Guide to Work & Life: How to Create the life You Want, by Donna Lee Brien and Tess Brady
Allen & Unwin, 2004