The Rocket Ship of Dreams, by Moya Simons

Tom’s parents are following their dreams. His mum is busily writing her third book and his dad owns the Alien Toy Shop, which only sells things to do with aliens and space.

But things change when Dad’s alien suit causes a car accident and he is forced to close the shop to pay his debts. Now Dad is more like a regular father, right down to the suit he wears to work. Tom misses his old dad.

The only thing that remains of the fun loving Dad and his cool shop is the amazing rocket ship ride that sits in the corner of the garage gathering dust. Strangely, though, it is that very ride which might hold the answers to all the family’s problems. Tom discovers something strange about the ride. If he can convince the rest of the family to give it a go things might get back to normal.

The Rocket Ship Of Dreams combines two common elements of Moya Simons’ work – science fiction and family themes – to create a fun tale with a gentle message about family life and following dreams.

Excellent reading for 8 to 12 year olds.

The Rocket Ship of Dreams, by Moya Simons
An Omnibus Book from scholastic Press, 2004