An Australian ABC of Animals, by Bronwyn Bancroft

An Australian ABC of Animals has little text – with each page bearing a letter and the name of an animal – A ant, B bandicoot, C cockatoo – and so on. But what makes this one delightful and very Australian is more than just the choice of Australian animals, but the illustrative style of Bronwyn Bancroft.

Bancroft combines elements of traditional Aborignal art with her own inspirations and talents. She describes the art (in a back of book profile page) as “an exploration in line and colour”. These colours are vibrant and the patterns used by Bancroft rich and exciting.

Children will love seeing animal shapes – both familiar and less familiar – decorated with this use of patterning and colour. Each illustration has intricate detailing which children (and adults) will love to explore.

This is a unique production which will enhance any home, school or public library.

An Australian ABC of Animals, by Bronwyn Bancroft
Little Hare, 2004