The Way I Love You, by David Bedford and Ann James

I love…
the way you always care,
the way you’re always there…
That’s the way I love you.

This is a picture book which parents, grandparents and other gift-givers will buy for its beauty. From an adorable cover, with a simple cream background and heartwarming illustration of a girl hugging her dog, right through to the back cover, with a view of the same pair from behind, with the girl’s arm around the dog and their heads leaning conspiratorially towards each other, all about this book is adorable.

The text is simple – with the first person child sharing the ways that she loves her dog, and the illustrations showing the simple joy the pair share in being together. Of course, the book is much more than a tale of a girl and a dog – the words remind us of the many ways of sharing love, in simple, every day moments.

Adult readers will be touched by this message and be reminded to cherish each small moment with their young loved ones, while children will love the simple rhythm of the story and the delightful illustrations of Ann James.

The Way I Love You will make a lovely going to sleep book and won’t suffer from being read over and over. It would also be an ideal gift for a newborn, to be treasured by both parent and child.


The Way I Love You, by David Bedford and Ann James
Little Hare, 2004