Buttonhead's Day at the Farm, by Lisa Coutts

Buttonhead is Ibis Publishing’s newest character, with two books just released and more yet to come. In Buttonhead’s Day at the Farm, Buttonhead visits Farmer Jo and feeds the farm animals.

Each double paged spread includes a flap for young readers to lift, with the opportunity to guess which animal Buttonhead is about to feed. The text is simple, with the question Who is Buttonhead feeding? repeated on every spread but the first and the last single page. Because of this simplicity and the bright, uncluttered illustrations, the book is likely to appeal to the very young – children aged two to four – who will enjoy the novelty of predicting the animals and opening the flaps.

The book includes reading and teaching suggestions on the back cover, as well as activities on the Ibis website.

A cute offering for littlies.

Buttonhead’s Day on the Farm, by Lisa Coutts
Ibis Publishing, 2004