Cranky Granny, by Eleni McDermott

Cranky Granny
Shouts a lot.
My mummy says
She’s lost the plot.

Lily’s parents seem to think her grandmother is cranky and weird – even, perhaps, a nuisance. But Lily thinks differently. She and Granny share a special bond and Lily doesn’t mind that Granny is a little different – right down to her purple hair and loud ways.

Cranky Granny is a rhyming picture book written to encourage bonds between children and older adults. Youngsters will enjoy the repeated lines, which are a little like a chorus. They will be able to quickly remember these and join in as the book progresses.

Although the rhyme is at times a little forced, the story carries it, and the illustrations of Suzy Brown are fun and bright. The message of tolerance and of the importance of bonds between the generations is an important one.

A useful addition to the book is the inclusion of reading strategies at the back of the book, to encourage maximum benefit from the reading experience.

Cranky Granny is available directly from the publisher (see website information below).

Cranky Granny, by Eleni McDermott, illustrated by Suzy Brown
Ages to Ages Publications, 2003

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