Phredde and the Purple Pyramid, by Jackie French

Prudence has a friend called Phredde who just happens to be a phaery. But that isn’t that strange – not compared with a teacher who is a vampire, a brother who is a werewolf and a boyfriend who prefers to be a frog most of the time.

When Phredde, Pru and Bruce (the boyfriend) head down a black tunnel that’s opened up in the school grounds, they know that anything could happen (it usually does on their adventures). So they are only moderately surprised to end up in Ancient Egypt. Pru is pretty excited to find that the Egyptians think she is the Wondrous One, come to choose the next ruler of Egypt. But who will Pru choose, and will they all survive until they can get back home?

Phredde and the Purple Pyramid is the sixth book about Pru and her friends by the funny Jackie French. Unlike some of the earlier books, this book contains one long story divided into chapters, rather than several shorter stories. This will be an added bonus to those whose reading skills have developed since reading the first books.

A good, fun read with Jackie French’s zany stamp.

Phredde and the Purple Pyramid, by Jackie French
Harper Collins, 2004