The White Mare, by Jules Watson

In first century Britain, Agricola, the governor of Roman Britain, is advancing into Scotland, determined not to rest until he has claimed it for the Empire. Whilst some tribes have been conquered and others have surrendered, some are determined to withstand the threat.

Rhiann is both princess and Ban Cre (priestess) to her people. When the reigning King, her Uncle, dies, the pressure is on her to marry and produce an heir. The husband chosen for her is Eremon, an exiled Irish prince, who seeks an alliance with the Epidii for reasons of his own.

As they face the Roman enemy, the pair must also face their own troubles. Theirs is not a joyous marriage – Rhiann carries ghostly memories which prevent her from trusting any man, and Eremon needs desperately to prove himself to his men and to his new allies. Only if they work together can the pair overcome these personal woes and lead their people in resisting the Romans.

The White Mare is a stunning debut novel for Western Australian author Jules Watson. The five years spent researching and writing the novel is apparent in the attention to detail and authentic feel for the times. The White Mare is the first in a trilogy. The next installment will be eagerly awaited by those who read the first.

The White Mare, by Jules Watson
Published by Orion, distributed in Australia by Allen & Unwin