Rooster's Revenge, by Kerri Lane

Johnno and Flash are enjoying the summer holidays until the terrible day that their dog, Tyson, goes missing. They are sure that the local meanie, Rooster, is somehow involved, but they can’t get him to admit it.

With some help from the other local children the boys set out to work out what has happened to Tyson. For four days they fear the worst, that they will never see Tyson again, as they follow a mysterious trail of clues. Who are the strangers that are hanging around with Rooster, and why do they keep finding feathers around town? Is there a bigger mystery, or is Tyson’s disappearance just Rooster’s form of revenge?

Rooster’s Revenge is a fast-moving mystery for ten to twelve year old readers. With a touch of humour and plenty of suspense, author Kerri Lane creates a mystery which will keep young readers guessing.

Part of the new Breakers series, from Macmillan Education, Rooster’s Revenge is suitable both for classroom and private reading.

Rooster’s Revenge, by Kerri Lane
Macmillan Education, 2004