The Island, by Roland Mugford

It’s supposed to be a holiday, but Caitlin and Jack seem to be spending a lot of time helping their parents clean out their shack. So when they get a chance to explore they think it will be fun. When they climb the hill they see two people doing something suspicious. Could they really be burying a body?

When the adults don’t believe them, they resolve to solve the msytery themselves. But before they get a chance they are sidetracked by more work and more sites to see. Then they meet two kids from the neighboring farm and the mystery is solved for them. The holiday isn’t over yet and there’s plenty more adventure to be had.

The Island is one of twenty titles in the Yellow level Breakers series from Macmillan Education. It is a nice blend of adventure, mystery and fun, as well as taking the opportunity to show some of the contrasts between country and city life.

The Island is aimed at children with a reading age of around ten and is suitable for both home and classroom reading.

The Island, by Roland Mugford
Macmillan Education, 2003