The Lake, by Roland Mugford

Caitlin isn’t so sure about her new life in the country. Her parents are tied up with the new baby, Patsy, and her best friend Jack is still in the city. Soon though, Jack has a new sister too, and he and his parents have moved into the new house on Caitlin’s farm.

The cousins, who are also best friends, are making new friends and having new adventures. Maybe living in the country isn’t so bad after all.

The Lake is part of the Green level of the Breakers series from Macmillan Education. It is also a sequel to The Island part of the Yellow level of the same series, although it stands alone.

The Lake deals with issues such as sibbling rivalrly and growing up as well as the differences between country and city life, but the real focus is on family and friendship.

The Lake is aimed at a reading age of around 11 years and is suitable both for classroom and private reading.

The Lake, by Roland Mugford
Macmillan Education, 2004