Australian and World Records

Did you know that Guy Sebastian’s Angels Brought Me here was Australia’s highest selling single? Or that Neighbours is Australia’s longest selling soap? Do you know the name of the world’s oldest astronaut? Or the world’s deadliest snake?

These facts and more are explored in Scholastic’s offering, Australain and World Records. Covering records from Australia and around the world, the book provides facts, photos and tables in an accessible format that kids will be able to engage with. Records are divided into categories including Popular Culture, Sports, Nature and more, appealing to a wide range of interests.

This would make an ideal gift for the young trivia lover or reluctant reader, and would be also suitable for classroom or school library collections.

Australian and World Records is a high interest offering for 8 to 14 year old readers.

Australian and World records, by Jennifer Corr Morse and David G. Harris
Scholastic, 2004