Tev on Home Turf, by Brendan Murray

It’s the summer holidays and Tev is determined to enjoy them. Becky seems pretty keen to make sure of that for him. She’s pretty keen on him – and she has her own car and, for a while at least, a place of her own. Tev’s got it made.

But, just when it all looks so easy, Tev gets a phone call from his Tongan girlfirend, Siale. She’s coming to visit him. Tev looks set to have two girls on his hands – or a big choice to make.

Tev on Home Turf is a sequel to the succesful Tev and is sure to be as well received. The previous title was set in Tonga, where Tev was in unfamiliar territory. This new title is set back home in Western Australia’s south, but sees Tev still on unfamiliar territory – this time emotional territory – as he navigates the highs and lows of relationships and also faces other new challenges.

Tev on Home Turf is fast paced and, while dealing with some serious issues such as cultural difference, does so without being preachy or predictable.

A good read.

Tev on Home Turf, by Brendan Murray
Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2004