Wolfblade, by Jennifer Fallon

Being a Hythrian princess gives Marla Wolfblade no power. She is just a bargaining chip – a body to be traded to the highest bidder, to provide her brother, the High Prince, with an heir. At the age of sixteen her marriage has been arranged, and there’s nothing she can do about it.

But Marla has more wit than anyone suspects and, with an unlikely aide – the dwarf Elezaar – her position slowly improves. Marla is determined to restore her family’s great name and real power. A fast learner, her astuteness surprises those who surround her.

But in a society where assassins walk freely and sorcerers plot for power, can one young princess really triumph and ensure the longevity of the Wolfblade line?

Wolfblade is a superb fantasy offering. The first in a planned trilogy, it is also a prequel to author Jennifer Fallon’s previous bestselling trilogy, The Demon Child.

Fallon creates a multi-layered and very believable society where politics and religion mingle, and the roles of every group in society are clearly defined. Plots and subplots are clear, but not predictable, and the reader is left satisifed but eager for the arrival of the next instalment in the trilogy.

An outstanding fantasy read.

Wolfblade; The Hythrun Chronicles Book One, by Jennifer Fallon
Voyager, an imprint of Harper Collins, 2004