Antarctica, by Coral Tulloch

Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, coldest, cleanest, most isolated and most peaceful continent on Earth. It is a continent of wilderness, a place of enormous size and energy, of constant change and of great and rare beautfy.

Antarctica is a place of fascination to many people. It looms as a frontier-land, almost unreachable and almost as alien as the moon.

In this volume, author Coral Tulloch allows children to understand Antarctica – its geography, its history, its animal and plant life. She explains the research that goes on at Antarctic bases and elaborates on its importance, not just to Antarctica, but to the whole world.

Coral Tulloch visited Antarctica as part of a supply mission and this book is the product of that visit and of research and support from others who have been there. The information in the book is accessible to children but not over-simplified, and is supported by illustrations, photographs and maps. Suitable for children aged 8 and up, especially those in upper primary and lower secondary school, this would be an invaluable addition to classroom or library collcstions.

Antarctica, by Coral Tulloch
ABC Books, first published in hardcover 2003, this paperback edition 2005