Puberty Girl, by Shushann Movessian

The challenges of puberty can be a difficult part of growing up for girls – and for their parents. As they make the transition from girl to woman they come face to face with the challenges of changing bodies and, especially, menstruation. Even the most communicative girls may have some questions they don’t know how to ask, while other questions may not be asked because they haven’t thought to ask them yet.

Puberty Girl has answers to all the questions girls might want to ask – what changes will happen, why they will happen and how to deal with them. There is plenty of practical information about body parts, bras, tampons, pads and more, as well as anecdotes from girls who have been there already.

The tone of the book is relaxed and chatty but it is also very honest. It is designed to help girls feel that puberty is nothing to be scared about and to help parents or carers provide straight-forward information in a no-nonsense manner.

A gem for parents, this will also find a home in school libraries and health education departments.

Puberty Girl, by Shushann Movsessian
Allen & Unwin, 2004