Hector the Protector, by Janette Brazel

Hector is fed with up with Drain Boys gang picking on everyone, so when he wakes up with to the discovery that he’s the world’s newest superhero, he’s determined to put a stop to the Drain Boys’ evil ways.

First, though, he needs a superhero outfit and a superhero name. A raid on the dress-ups box fixes the costume and the name – that’s easy: Hector the Protector. Armed with a bevy of superhero powers – he can spew on demand, he has a fearsome smell and he can walk on top of fences – he and his friends Jello and Mick are ready for action.

Hector the Protector is a fun offering, part of the Little Stirrers series from new publisher Limelight Press. With plenty of silliness, a fast-moving plot and cartoon-style illustrations by Lloyd Foye, it will appeal to children aged 7-10, especially those making their first attempts at reading novels.


Hector the Protector, by Janette Brazel
Limelight Press, 2005