Licking Lizards, by Toni Risson

Luke and Alex don’t want anyone to discover their secret base down near the river, so when they see a light down there late one night, they have to investigate. Hidden in the bushes, they see a man catching purple lizards in the river.

In the days that follow, members of the football team start disappearing. The boys don’t see a connection, until Luke finds a purple lizard hidden in his lunchbox. It seems that the lizards are being used to catch the boys – but where are the boys being taken, and why?

Licking Lizards is a fast-paced adventure, with plenty of action and humour. The illustrations by the talented Johnny Danalis, scattered throughout the book, are a perfect complement.

A fun read for children aged ten to twelve.

Licking Lizards, by Toni Risson
UQP, 2005