My Uncle Wal the Werewolf, by Jackie French

Buster loves being a werewolf, but when his parents vanish and his uncle starts acting suspiciously, his whole way of life is threatened. Uncle Wal has become leader of the pack and is telling Wal and the other werewolves that they must become more human. Buster is appalled. He doesn’t want to be more human – and besides, how will that help him find his missing parents?

When Buster decides to take things into his own hands (or paws) he meets Prunella, a girl his own age, who says she is a detective. Even though Buster is her first client, she is determined to help him solve the case and find his parents.

My Uncle Wal the Werewolf is a cleverly crafted, humorous title from much-loved author Jackie French. French continues to delight children with her ability to create funny stories, each different but all entertaining.

My Uncle Wal the Werewolf will appeal to readers aged nine to twelve.

My Uncle Wal the Werewolf, by Jackie French
Harper Collins, 2005