Peter Brock – Living With a Legend, by Bev Brock

For almost 40 years Peter Brock has been involved in the Australian and international motor racing scene. He is Australia’s best known driver, and a household name. His fame and popularity stretches well beyond the sporting arena. In Brock: Living With a LegendPeter’s partner, Bev, who shared his professional and private life for 30 of those years, shares her insights into their life together and into what makes ‘Brocky’ tick.

Bev especially focuses on his private persona, painting Brock as a family man who is passionate in all he does. She shares the story of how they came to be together, the births of their children and the ups and downs of living with a sports star.

Following the launch of the book’s first edition, in 2004, the pair separated and so this new edition includes a foreword and new final chapter which update Bev Brock’s life with the ‘legend’.

This is an interesting read for anyone who has watched Peter Brock race, and followed his career, but more than that it is an interesting story of one couple and how they cope with the struggles of both the public and private parts of their lives. There is really no need to know who Peter Brock is, to be drawn into this story.

An honest and insightful account.

Peter Brock: Living With a Legend, by Bev Brock
Macmillan Australia, 2004, this edition 2005.