Hover Car Racer, by Matthew Reilly

The race was barely nine minutes old when Jason Chaser lost his steering rudder.
At 690 kilometres an hour….
Jason rammed back on his collective, and somehow managed to right the Argonaut with only his pedal thrusters just as–shoo!-shoom!-shoom!–three of the other top contenders whizzed by, rocketing off into the distance, kicking up geyser sprays in their wakes.

In the most important race of his life, one that could win him a place at the International Race School, Jason Chaser has an unfortunate accident. In spite of continuing on and refusing to give in, Jason comes last. But his determination has caught the eye of someone who matters and Jason soon finds himself on his way to the school and in training to become a top class hover car racer.

At the race school Jason trains with his little brother Bug, his navigator and his new friend and mech-chief Sally. The trio are determined to make their mark at the race school and in the wider world of racing, but they are up against some pretty stiff competition. They will have some pretty big battles to fight, both on and off the track.

Hover Car Racer is a fast-paced futuristic novel about a time when hover vehicles are the primary form of transport and the international sporting scene is dominated by hover car racing. There are plenty of race scenes, loads of intrigue and a plot which pits the underdog Jason against a cast of villains including a book maker intent on blowing him up and leading drivers who want to stop him from usurping them – and will stop at nothing to do just that.

Hover Car Racer was first published online in a daring venture involving sponsorship and fortnightly instalments being made available free of charge. The film rights have been optioned by Disney.

Teen boys will love the racing car action, but older readers of both sexes can appreciate the pacey plot, too.

Hover Car Racer, by Matthew Reilly
Pan Macmillan, 2004, this edition 2005