Bob the Builder and the Elves, by Emily Rodda

One Thursday morning, Bob woke up and went downstairs as usual. He knew at once that something was wrong. Someone had cleaned his kitchen. Nothing looked the same. Even the kettle. Someone had washed the windows…And on the table, instead of the Cornflakes pack, was a dainty plate of fairy bread and a flower in a vase.

Bob the builder is a very happy man who lives alone and is happy that way. But one morning he wakes up to find that his house has been infested with elves. Now everything is clean and shiny and Bob has to go to work with his boots and hard hat polished and fairy bread in his lunch box. Bob needs to get rid of the elves before his mates come around to play cards in Saturday night. But how?

This is a humorous offering for younger readers, with delightfully funny illustrations by the talented Craig Smith. Since its was first published in 1998 it has been reprinted 6 times (this latest edition with anew cover) and has won a swag of awards, including being named a Children’s Book Council Honour Book.

Good stuff.

Bob the Builder and the Elves, by Emily Rodda, illustrated by Craig Smith
First published 1998
This edition ABC Books, 2006