Tashi and the Stolen Bus, by Anna & Barbara Fienberg

“The demons are crazy for buses!” said Can-Du. “And when I wouldn’t hand this one over, they kidnapped my son.”

When Tashi’s village restore an old bus, there is great excitement. The villagers plan their first bus trip to the city markets, but once they are on their way, they realise something is wrong. The bus has been hijacked by demons, and only Tashi can defeat them.

Tashi and the Stolen Bus is one of two tales in the latest Tashi offering. In the second story, The Mysterious Thief , things start mysteriously disappearing form the village. Tashi is determined to catch the thief, but what he discovers surprises even Tashi.

This is the thirteenth book in the delightful Tashi series. Each book features Tashi recounting some his fantastical adventures in his village to Jack, his friend in the contemporary world. This latest instalment won’t disappoint Tashi fans, with lots of adventure and the quirky characters that make Tashi so unique.

Tashi and the Stolen Bus, by Anna & Barbara Fienberg, illustrated by Kim Gamble
Allen & Unwin, 2006