Go to Sleep, Jeff!

Oh no! Jeff is having a very unusual problem. He can’t seem to fall asleep! Night after night, the other Wiggles give Jeff ideas to help him catch some ZZZs, but nothing works.

Jeff Wiggle is known for his regular naps – he even falls asleep during concerts – so when he can’t sleep, everyone is concerned. The other Wiggles make some suggestions – Jeff should count sheep, or do star jumps, or drink warm milk before he goes to bed. But none of these ideas work. Then Captain Feathersword has a suggestion. The other Wiggles should write a special lullaby for Jeff. When they do this, and sing to Jeff when he goes to bed, he sleeps through the night.

Go To Sleep Jeff is a bedtime story for young Wiggles fans and comes complete with a CD recording of Jeff reading the story, and two original lullabies sung by the Wiggles. Youngsters seem to love anything and everything Wiggles, and this one should be no less popular.

The Wiggles: Go to Sleep, Jeff
ABC Books, 2007

You can buy this book online at Fishpond