Dorothy's Rosy Tea Party, by Bruno Bouchet

Dorothy the Dinosaur wakes up full of excitement. Today, Henry the Octopus is coming around for a Rosy Tea party, and she can’t wait. First, though, there’s cake to bake and lots of cleaning to do. When the fairies – Clare, Larissa, Lucia and little Maria – arrive to help, Dorothy is delighted, but in all the fuss, Dorothy forgets to watch the cake, and it burns. Luckily, when Henry arrives, he comes with a gift for Dorothy – a delicious cake.

Dorothy’s Rosy Tea Party is a pretty pink book sure to appeal to little girls, especially fans or Dorothy and her friends, the Wiggles. Timed to coincide with the new Dorothy the Dinosaur television series, the story is beautifully presented with candy striped cover and endpapers, and chains of roses bordering every illustration.

Dorothy’s Tea Party, by Bruno Bouchet and Karen Carter
ABC Books, 2007

Go to Sleep, Jeff!

Oh no! Jeff is having a very unusual problem. He can’t seem to fall asleep! Night after night, the other Wiggles give Jeff ideas to help him catch some ZZZs, but nothing works.

Jeff Wiggle is known for his regular naps – he even falls asleep during concerts – so when he can’t sleep, everyone is concerned. The other Wiggles make some suggestions – Jeff should count sheep, or do star jumps, or drink warm milk before he goes to bed. But none of these ideas work. Then Captain Feathersword has a suggestion. The other Wiggles should write a special lullaby for Jeff. When they do this, and sing to Jeff when he goes to bed, he sleeps through the night.

Go To Sleep Jeff is a bedtime story for young Wiggles fans and comes complete with a CD recording of Jeff reading the story, and two original lullabies sung by the Wiggles. Youngsters seem to love anything and everything Wiggles, and this one should be no less popular.

The Wiggles: Go to Sleep, Jeff
ABC Books, 2007

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Three New Wiggles Titles

The Wiggleshave been entertaining children for fifteen years and to celebrate this anniversary ABC Books have released three new Wiggles book titles for preschoolers.

The Wiggly birthday Fun Book is an A4 sized, sixty four page activity book filled with fun and educational activities. As well as colouring, cutting and pasting, there are early literacy and numeracy activities and stories to read.

Splish Splash Big Red Boat is a picture story book recounting The Wiggles’ day out aboard the Big Red Boat. featuring the Wiggles friends, including Dorothy Dinosaur and Wags the Dog and illustrated using colour photography and colour borders with bubble features, this is a visually appealing offering.

Wake Up, Jeff is a board book format offering, incorporating a built in plastic clock for children to learn basic time telling skills as they read the simple story of the Wiggles’ efforts to keep Jeff awake for their concert.

Whilst these are unashamedly merchandising tools rather than offerings of literature, they are sure to appeal to littlies from toddler to school age and do have some educational merit. My five year old loves the clock in Wake Up, Jeff and surprised me by accurately reading the kitchen clock at 10 o’clock one morning.

Plenty of Wiggly fun.

The Wiggly birthday Fun Book, Splish Splash Big Red Boat and Wake Up, Jeff
ABC Books, 2006

Dorothy the Dinosaur and the Magic Shell

Reviewed by Tash Hughes

Dorothy the Dinosaur wakes up one morning feeling down in the dumps for no clear reason. Wags the Dog, Captain Feathersword and Henry the Octopus do their best to cheer her up by taking her to the beach. Still unhappy, Dorothy walks along the beach and finds a most unusual shell.

When Dorothy blows the horn, it has a magical effect on her friends; they stand on their heads, somersault and make animal noises and can’t stop!

Finally, Dorothy is happy and laughs at her friends’ antics so much she can’t blow the shell again for some time. Eventually, a blow of the shell frees her friends and they return to normal behaviour. Dorothy throws the shell into the ocean before playing with her friends and building the captain a sand ship.

The book has clear illustrations of the Wiggles characters and will delight all young children. The text is simple and short for preschoolers, but interesting enough to captivate early readers, too. The book shows children it’s ok to feel down sometimes, but it’s more fun to be with friends and laugh! A fun read from the Wiggles.

Dorothy the Dinosaur and the Magic Shell, The Wiggles, Illustrated by Jonathon Bentley
ABC Books, 1999