The King's Fool, by Amanda Holohan

‘Foolish boy!’ Jurd cursed. ‘He has no idea what he has got himself involved in, or where he may end up!’
‘We’re the ones who got him involved,’ Perry said. ‘We have to go after him.’
‘Come on, girl,’ Jurd took her hand, led her forward and they stepped hand in hand into the tunnel of lights. The lights winked once, twice and the tunnel disappeared. The room was empty.

All Perry wants is to be normal, for once in her life. But her guardian, Jurd, has her living a strange existence, moving constantly, changing schools, and training ceaselessly in self-defence. And then the terrifying Collector of Children appears in the little town of Trucel and Perry’s life is changed forever. The Collector is looking for Perry, but while he’s in town, is attracted to the little sister of Perry’s friend Rowland.

Perry finds herself back in the land of her birth, a land where everything is overshadowed by the presence of the collector. She becomes the unwilling apprentice to the King’s Fool, but soon learns that her role is to be something much more –s he is the champion who is supposed to defeat the Collector of Children.

The King’s Fool is a riveting fantasy novel for young adult readers. Perry is a likeable main character who faces the challenges life deals her with termination and some humour. She is an unwitting hero, but manages to find the strength to deal with life-threatening situations and many blows. This would appear to be the first book in the Perry Brightfield Chronicles as the book is badged, though there is no indication whether further titles will be available.

The King's Fool: The Perry Brightfield Chronicles (Perry Brightfield Chronicles S.)

The Perry Brightfield Chronicles: The King’s Fool, by Amanda Holohan
ABC Books, 2006