Battle Order 205, by Christobel Mattingley

David was also a casualty. Wounded in five places by flying metal. Right knee, thigh and shoulder hit. Tendons and artery in right hand severed. Ad shrapnel ripped through his thick leather helmet, fracturing his skull.
David lost consciousness.
Dog went into a dive.

As he grew up in Tasmania, young David Mattingley wanted just one thing – to learn to fly. By the time he left school, Australia was about to become involved in World War 11, and his chance to follow his dream was to sign up to join the Australian air force. He did this, and after extensive training, found himself a pilot on bombing missions out of England.

Battle Order 204 is the true story of David Mattingley’s life, especially his years in the air force, written by his wife, acclaimed Australian author Christobel Mattingley. This is a gripping story, told in straightforward language and with the focus on the human elements of the war. Readers are invited to witness David’s friendships, his emotions and his struggles, as well as his courage and the highpoints of his service time.

Mattingley offers insight into war which will intrigue both teen and adult readers.

Battle Order 204

Battle Order 204, by Christobel Mattingley
Allen & Unwin, 2007

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