The Hairy Legs Heist, by Sue Whiting

She had only finished two bags when a dreadful chill crept through her. It was too quiet. Something was wrong.
She wandered outside. Hairy Legs wasn’t there. She wandered back in; he wasn’t on his inside stand either.
‘Where’s Hairy Legs?’
Leo scratched his beard. ‘He’s outside.’
‘No, he’s not,’ Britt said, her cheeks flaming.
Hairy Legs was gone.

When Hairy Legs, the foul-mouthed galah who sits outside the pet shop, is stolen, the residents of Tompkin Park are devastated. Everyone loves Hairy Legs – well, nearly everyone. And no one loves him more than Britt Brady does. She is determined to figure out what happened to the galah, and to get him back. But when Britt finds herself in as much danger as Hairy Legs is, she wonders if either of them will survive this ordeal.

The Hairy Legs Heist is an exciting and humorous adventure for primary aged readers. It is wonderful to see a strong girl character at the centre of a mystery story, especially for this age group. Britt is feisty and likeable, and she doesn’t give up.

It is hoped that there will be more stories in the Britt Brady series.

The Hairy Legs Heist, by Sue Whiting
New Frontier, 2007