the no-minute noodler, by Richard Glover

To confuse the issue of who it was that farted by blaming it all on the dog.
(nay sayuh)noun
Any parent who refuses to buy you a horse for your birthday

The real dictionary is full of words, but, Richard Glover claims, it is heavily biased towards adults. Where, he asks, are the words for the situations kids find themselves in. What do you call the kid who farts and then blames the dog? Or the parents who refuse to buy a horse for their child?

the no-minute noodler, subtitled the dags dictionary for kids provides words (and their meanings) for those situations – and along the way gives plenty of laughs. Some of the words are clever, others are just plain funny, but there’s plenty there for kids to enjoy. This is the sort of book that will be read out bit-by-bit, or passed around by a group of boys in the school library. There is also a section at the back for kids to make up their own words (definitions provided) and their own definitions (words provided), which could be a fun classroom activity.

No-minute Noodler: Dag's Dictionary for Kids

the no-minute noodler: the dag’s dictionary for kids, by Richard Glover
ABC Books, 2007

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