Key Guide to Australian Mammals, by Leonard Cronin

Australian mammals are some of the world’s most intriguing wildlife, being such a diverse and unusual range of animals. From the spiky echidna, to the bizarre platypus, from the koala to the kangaroo, Australian and international observers alike cannot help but be fascinated by our fauna.

In the Key Guide to Australian Mammals, natural history author Leonard Cronin provides a detailed guide to all of Australia’s mammal life which will be useful to readers from a range of backgrounds and interests. Useful for students and scientists, it will also be informative to amateur animal watchers or to anyone who loves Australian animals.

Each entry includes a coloured illustration of the animal, a map showing distribution and information about physiology, behaviour, development, diet, habitat, traces and status. A visual key at the front of the book gives readers an overview of the different species, with page references to detailed entries.

A handy reference.

Cronin's Key Guide to Australian Mammals (Key guide series)

Key Guide to Australian Mammals, by Leonard Cronin
Allen & Unwin, 2008