The Evil Overlord, by Rowena Cory Daniells

Sam quickly hauled Lincoln to his feet and then they were running after the girl as she plunged into the shadows of a narrow lane. It was like an obstacle race. Sam and his brother jumped crates, avoided squawking chickens and dodged around surprised locals as they sprinted behind the girl.
They emerged into a busy market square, where the girl stopped so suddenly they both collided with her.

Sam and Lincoln have only just arrived in the town of Amethyst when they find themselves summoned to another world to rescue the stranded Wizard Shimmaron. They find themselves in the parallel world and being chased by guards, because they are old enough to fight for the evil Overlord who has seized control of the land. They must work together and with their new friend Essy to find the Wizard and free him – and they have only 24 hours to do so.

The Evil Overlord is the third in the Lost Shimmaron set in the town of Amethyst and in the different worlds to which the town’s youngsters find themselves transported. With each title written by a different author – each a notable Australian fantasy creator – the stories stand alone, though fans will find themselves intrigued enough to seek out the others in the series.

Great fantasy reading for ages 10 and over.

The Evil Overlord, by Rowena Cory Daniells
ABC Books, 2008