The True Story of Stuff, by James Valentine

Stuff. It’s everywhere. In your bedroom, in the kitchen, in the lounge room, everywhere is full of stuff. I’m talking about the ordinary stuff like chairs and carpet and dishwashing liquid and toast. You know what, it all has a story.

Whilst the title of this one, The True History of Stuff might suggest otherwise, this is a hilarious, most definitely fictional but nonetheless entertaining version of the invention of things we take for granted. With so much stuff originating from the long-forgotten nation of Trapezia, author James Valentine feels it only right to share the stories of the creation of different stuff, and share his passion for this forgotten land.

In this, Volume One, we learn how shampoo, peanut butter and the days of the week were invented, as well as following the narrator’s journey as he unearths more information about, and stories from, Trapezia.

The humorous stories are well complemented by the black and white drawings of Reg Mombassa and the novelty of a small-sized hard cover format.

Sure to be popular with 8 to 10 year olds.

The True History of Stuff, Volume One, by James Valentine
ABC Books, 2008

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