Delilah's Dream, by Ian Trevaskis & Janine Dawson

Delilah sat alone in the henhouse and laid a creamy-smooth egg, and dreamed.
She dreamed of a life beyond the farmyard gate; a life full of wild and wonderful adventures.
When she told her sisters of her dreams, they cackled and laughed. Hannibal shook his comb and told her not to be silly, that she was just an ordinary, everyday farmyard hen.

Delilah isn’t like the other hens. She dreams of doing big things – but nothing bigger than one day flying. The other chickens scoff at her dreams, but Delilah is undeterred. Then, when a fox visits the farmyard late one night, it is Delilah, and her adventurous spirit, that saves the day.

Delilah’s Dream is a gorgeous picture book story about following dreams, self-belief and friendship. With gentle text by Ian Trevaskis, and watercolour and ink illustrations by Janine Dawson, Delilah and her friends come to life with humour and a mild message.

Very cute.

Delilah’s Dream, by Ian Trevaskis and Janine Dawson
New Frontier, 2009

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