Gina the Dancing Queen, by Marisa Alo

Welcome to Rhythms Dance School
Always Remember
The Three Golden Rules of Dance
A. Relax
2. Feel the rhythm
3. Follow the music

Gina the Giraffe desperately wants to dance, but every times she tries she gets tangled and falls in a heap. But she is determined to learn, and visits a dance school, where she learns the three golden rules of dance. Now, every time she struggles, she remembers the rules and is transported on flights of fantasy which have her dancing like a queen.

Gina The Dancing Queen is an endearing picture book tale about dancing, the importance of self belief, and acceptance. With a simple storyline with some text repetition which will encourage young prereaders to join in, and pages populated by a wide range of animal characters, this will appeal to young children of both genders, and dance fans will be especially enamoured.

Gina The Dancing Queen

Gina The Dancing Queen, by Marisa Alo
Windy Hollow, 2009

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